Commercial Contracts

The attorneys at Johnson Kurlander are experts in transactional matters, and have developed significant skill in strategic deal making for the benefit of their clients. General contract drafting, review and negotiations related to the Firm’s main practice areas are part of the extra services that Johnson Kurlander provides.

Highlight of Johnson Kurlander Legal Group Services:

  • Supply Chain Support
  • Procurement Contracts Covering a Range of Product, Services and Vendor Types
  • Sponsorship Agreements and Service Agreements in connection with National Sporting Events, including service agreements at multiple NFL stadiums, golf tournaments, and at the America’s Cup
  • Professional Services Agreements
  • Consulting Agreements
  • Utility and Maintenance Agreements
  • Management Agreements
  • Purchase Orders
  • Marketing Agreements
  • General Vendor Agreements for Elevator Maintenance, Landscaping, Valet Parking, Electrical Contractors, Fire and Life Safety Services, and many others
  • Statements of Work
  • Design and Consulting Agreements
  • Advertising and Promotions Agreements
  • Kiosk Agreements